This week we are putting the finishing touches on the general design and assembly of the chassis.  We have finished attaching bumper rails to the robot, finishing the main assembly of the chassis, as well as creating chain tensioners for the gearboxes.  As we finished the bumper rails, we began to sand and scotch brite the brackets for manipulators and chassis. These rails are now mounted on the robot, finishing the main structure of the chassis.  Drilling, sanding, and attachment of brackets to the chassis has also been happening this week, and the wheel and chain assembly are now on the robot. The gearboxes have been assembled and cycled, and a plan for the electronics placement in in the process of being finalized.  Our endgame group has finished designing their manipulator using CAD, and the hatch manipulator group has begun a prototype. We have sent out our last batch of items to be cut at Precision Laser, which includes parts for our cargo manipulator, who also finalized CAD designs this week.