It's now the last day left in build season, so we have to finish everything today. Our inboard Intake is on the robot and after playing around with tensioning it appears to be in working order and can hold cubes. The outboard intake has also been attached to the robot and has been wired up and functions properly. The elevator was one of the first things to be attached to the chassis after it was assembled. The winch that moves the elevator also has been assembled and put on the chassis and the elevator works going up and down. We are spending our last 6 hours before bag and tag testing everything and making sure everything works. Programming and controls is working hard to fix any issues with wiring getting in the way of the moving parts and touching up our autonomous code. We have autonomous operations completed (reaching the baseline), and have a preliminary version of the scale and switch auto commands posted on our GitHub page.  You can view our current robot code in its glorious open-source state at That code is licensed under the MIT license, so you are free to use it in your robot code if you provide us attribution. We have a few concerns regarding our autonomous program’s reliance on encoders and gyros, since we have limited experience with each.

Our bumpers are going to be finished before the end of today. All in all, we are in a good position to be finished by the end of today and ready for bag and tag.



The cube intake up and running!