Greetings Gongolier followers! We have an update on our robot! This past Friday we hosted a Star Wars themed Robo-ball, as the Ponaganset school was having the Winter Ball. During the Robo-ball we completed our chassis, and are currently tweaking our final designs for the robot. We have yet to finalize our climbing designs, and so are unable to complete our decision on where our electronics board shall be placed. We have also begun our placement of our gear boxes, but have yet to finalize the placement of said boxes.

We have been having some technical issues with the new coding of Robot Builder, as we have an issue losing packages when we run the motors on our prototype intake system. Our CAD files are nearly completed and we have yet to finalize our climbing component. But, as a team, we are coming along nicely! We are up to date on many of our guidelines, and so are being the best team we can be!

    ----Seth Drexler P&C Department


Ty, Steven, and Angie working on the cad model