Greetings Gongolier followers!  We have an update on the electronics board along with some programming work we’ve begun.  To start off, we’ve connected all the basic essential electronics from the PDP to the Radio.  After finishing wiring the electronics board, we re-imaged the RoboRio and the wireless radio.  Next, we connected all the VictorSPs we are planning to use this year in preparation for the number of motors we will be using.  While assembling two gearboxes to run our drivetrain, we hooked up four CIMs using the Powerpole connectors.  We are excited to test out the Powerpole connectors for the first time this year.  Along with these, we are also excited to use the Rev radio PoE cable and the am-3583 Robot Signal Light, making our electronics setup much more efficient and less error prone.

Our programming group created a project which runs the CIMs in either direction at a varying speed in order to cycle through them.  We were able to quickly identify and fix a small issue with one portion of the program, in which the RobotMap class was never initialized.  We will be adding the functionality to increase or decrease the speed of the CIM motors while the program is running.  Finally, we plan to start the outline of our main competition program very soon.


The Programming and Controls Department