As the competition draws closer, the team has been meeting for hours every single day to work on the robot. Unfortunately, we have been hit by a few snowstorms in the past week that have set us back in our progress.  Despite the delays, we were able to make progress building the superstructure and revising and finalizing the design for the scaling device. Members of the team were also able to install the intake rollers and complete a design for the mechanism that kicks the ball into the shooter. We have been working on the flywheel box which holds the ball before it is launched as well.  

Several members of the team have dedicated their time to working on the Media and Technology Innovation Award.  This award requires our team to significantly improve our website by going over the website and refining some components.  Our webmasters have been working to create a survey to receive feedback on the website and make sure our website is completely up to date on all of the information regarding our team, our outreach and our progress in this build season.