Every team member has been working diligently to complete the robot in time for competition. For the first time, we were able to turn on and drive the robot with a working chassis. The programming team played a big part in this accomplishment by laying out and setting up all of the electronic aspects. Other members of the team have been working on the shooting device, it’s intake mechanism, and scaling designs. With so many team members working around the clock, we will soon have a working robot. Along with designing and building the robot, some members have dedicated their time to working on the Chairman’s Award.  We’re happy to announce that we submitted the finished product earlier this week! We also have been working on other awards such as the Woodie Flowers Award, the Engineering Inspiration Award and the 2016 Media and Technology Innovation Award which are due throughout February.  So many team members have been working hard and giving countless hours of their time to ensure that the robot will be the best it can be. It's hard to believe we are already half way through build season!