FRC 2016 Kickoff started off with a bang. We traveled to the Newport Undersea Warfare Center and met up with team 78, AIRStrike, to find out what our challenge for the next six weeks would be. We grouped up to brainstorm Ideas and go over the restrictions for the game. Then we combined teams to dissect the rules and point scoring methods. Everyone was excited once they found out about the different obstacles that our robot would have to overcome, and instantly began brainstorming. We also discussed robot components and specs and overall learned a great deal about what to expect with parts and with building the robot in the weeks ahead. We’ll admit, this year’s game is challenging, but we can't wait to kick it into high gear and begin building. We are so grateful to be friends with a team like Airstrike, and are looking forward to the fierce competition. Good luck to all the teams and let’s build!