why do we choose these names?

Our robots are traditionally named after Ancient Gods that are not commonly known. Typically, the name is based on characteristics of our robot, build season, or the competition itself. After a few options are conceptualized, names are then determined through a vote among the team members. For instance, our robot from last year, Magni, was christened after the Norse god of strength. We decided on this name after the robot displayed its power and indestructibility during a test. Likewise, our second year robot, Hodr, was named after the Norse god of winter. The team agreed upon this name because we lost a significant amount of time due to New England's famous snow storms. 



The image on the left is the Norse god of strength, Magni. Magni is from Scandinavian mythology. On the right, we can see our team's robot from last year. We named our robot Magni because it was the strongest and most powerful robot we have built thus far.



To the left, there is an image of the Norse god Hodr, who is associated with darkness and winter. This may seem bleak for the name of our robot, however, New England weather is considerably bleak. The snow prevented us from working on our robot more than a few times, so we decided that this Scandinavian god would be the perfect eponym.